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For now, the video practice and audio files are only in French. But you can use the practice in image to inspire you to practice at home and follow the video where the mouvements are clearly shown.

    • VIDEO
      • Om Namaha practice
    • AUDIO
      • Pranayama-Meditation Om Namaha
      • Short but deep relaxation

Grounding and letting go practice using the mantra om namaha (in French)

As we are all in lockdown for an uncertain time and classes have all been cancelled, I’ve made a home video practice that you can see here or on my You Tube Channel. I have also put the practice in image if you want to practice by yourself.

The actual situation can bring stress, anxiety, boredom and tiredness, physical and mental. It’s important to continue to move and exercise, and to breathe consciously.. The practice focuses on the mantra Om Namaha.

I hope that it can help you in those difficult moments.

You can leave me a comment or ask questions. I always appreciate receiving feedback. Thank you.

And keep safe,

Practice in image

Pratique d’ancrage et de lâcher prise en utilisant le mantra om namahaPratique d’ancrage et de lâcher prise en utilisant le mantra om namaha (glissé(e)s) 2

Audio files (in French)

Pranayama-Méditation Om Namaha

Relaxation courte mais profonde


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