Yoga makes things fall back into place

Manon Bergeron
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • trauma
  • emotion management
  • difficult breathing
  • trouble sleeping
  • short range of mouvement
  • difficult digestion
  • various ailments


My life experience allows me to understand you, listen to your needs and help you improve and preserve your well-being in all its aspects. I also have a solid training in yoga and yoga therapy.

What is it?

Yoga therapy is a personnalised coaching using all the tools of yoga to work on a specific condition or simply to learn to know yourself better or connect to yourself on all level, physically, emotionally or mentally.

Yoga therapy has a global approach and adapts the tools to the person, its needs and its characteristics. It teaches you how to take charge of your life, your emotion and your well-being.

Yoga offers a great diversity of concrete tools among which

  • body and mind connection
  • positive attitude
  • physical poses and mouvements
  • breathing techniques
  • chant
  • relaxation
  • meditation and awareness
  • work on self-consciousness
  • proprioception et interoception


Yoga therapy can be used in prevention as well as to resolve specific conditions.

It helps to maintain your health, develop personal ressources, ease tension, relieve pain, bring a sense of balance and, most importantly, reach a state of mental and emotional peacefulness.

For example

  • emotions management
  • stress and anxiety management
  • depression management
  • self-mastery
  • improve your well-being in everyday life
  • gain confidence
  • take control of your life
  • calm the mind
  • cultivate harmony, contentement, serenity, equanimity
  • build mind-body connection
  • better consciousness of your body
  • ease back pain, digestive and sleeping troubles
  • correct bad posture
  • reinforce immune system
  • learn to calm nervous system

For whom?

For everyone, at anytime, any age.

No need to be flexible nor have any prior knowledge of yoga. Everyone starts where they are at and progress at their own pace on the road to wellness. The exercises are simple, never extreme and always accessible to the practitioner. Sessions are built for each person specifically and so are totally adapted to your needs.

How does a session go?

The first session includes

  • an interview to understand your demands and needs
  • an observation of your body and breathing, in mouvement and static
  • advice and yoga tools adapted to your objective
  • specific exercices to do at home, ideally everyday.
  • a pdf file with detailed instructions so that you can practice at home the exercices we did together during the session

This requires commitment and regularity, and also perseverance.

I recommend series of five sessions (weekly or fortnightly) to better accompany you in the evolution of your condition and adjust the exercises as needed. However, the number of sessions depends on your objective, your personal practice and changes in your situation.

The principles underlying my method are adaptation and gradual progression. My goal is that you gain autonomy for your own practice developing an array of tools that will allow you to keep or find back balance and well-being on a daily basis.

Yoga therapy is not a substitute to modern medical therapies nor treatments, but it’s an excellent complement.


AT HOME or ONLINE – in the comfort of you own home at your convenience

Include a 60-minute private session AND a pdf file of the sequence with detailed instructions

90€ /session (1 participant) at home

80€ /session (1 participant) online

Special price students: 60€ /session (1 participant)

Please contact me for details

+352 661 26 93 76


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