During the coronavirus period, I guide you on line

I have a solid training in yoga therapy and a good experience of yoga that I practice every day but mostly I have a life experience that allows me to understand you, listen to your needs and help you improve and preserve your well-being in all its aspects (physical, mental, emotional, energetic and social).

Why private classes?

Whether you want to work on a specific health issue or condition (managing emotions, stress, anxiety, back pain, bad posture, difficult digestion, problematic sleep…) or simply to know yourself better or connect to yourself (on the physical, emotional or mental level) or to start yoga in a gentle and secure context or deepening your knowledge.

I accompany you in a global approach adapting yoga tools to you and your specific conditions so that together we find a adapted solution for you.

How does a session go?

The first session is an interview to understand your demands and needs, an observation of your body and yoga tools adapted to your objective. I offer advice and give you specific exercices to do at home, ideally everyday. This requires a commitment and regularity, and also perseverance.

I recommend series of five sessions (weekly or fortnightly) to better accompany you in the evolution of your condition and adjust the exercises as needed. However, the number of sessions depends on your objective, your personal practice and changes in your situation.

To book a session



Coronavirus special ONLY 50€/hour 


70€ /h (1 participant)

Additional travelling costs (0,40€/km) and parking costs (if applicable).

We recommend a five-session series. The first session is an interview and an evaluation of your needs to establish a practical personalised plan.

Please contact me for details or use the registration page

661 26 93 76


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