I guide your employees in your office or via videoconference at your convenience.


Classes will leave your employees energized and calm, confident, and will improve the strength and flexibility of their body… and mind. They will be more productive.

Type of classes

Yoga sessions usually include poses, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation. These can take different forms and duration, for example

  • regular classes (45-90 minutes)
  • introduction to yoga (45-120 minutes)
  • workshops on a specific theme (2-3 hours; whole day)
  • short session on a specific theme (15-30 minutes)
  • relaxation (15-60 minutes)
  • short meditations (10-20 minutes)
  • one-off or with subscription video or audio sessions

For whom

The classes are for everyone – with or without previous yoga experience – no matter your age, height, weight or physical condition, or religious affinities if any.

I adapt the tools and guide your employees to suit their characteristics and needs.

Sequence of a regular class

A regular class follows a carefully designed sequence : entering the practice, warming up the body, postures and counter postures, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation. A session can concentrate on a pose, a part of the body or a particular theme.

Required Equipment

It’s minimal

  • a room with enough open-space to practice (e.g. a conference room where you can push chairs and tables on the side) – you have to insure the room is ready before class starts
  • a yoga mat for each practitioner
  • a small blanket for each practitioner


Regular classes in your office or online are usually charged per hour. Preparation time is on top and depends on your specific wishes. It is possible to negotiate if you guarantee a certain number of classes.

For any other services, prices will depend on the duration and preparation time.

Please contact me for details

+352 661 26 93 76   info@yogasantosha.lu

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