For whom

If you can breathe, you can do yoga!

Yoga Santosha classes are for everyone – with or without previous yoga experience – no matter your age, height, weight or physical condition.

Everyone can start practicing yoga at any time in their life — The great beauty of yoga is its capacity to adapt to all

I adapt the tools and guide you to suit your personal characteristics and needs. You can gradually become autonomous and adapt your own practice.

Committing to a regular yoga practice will deepen your experience and have more lasting effects.


Yoga helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and improves sleep and digestion.

Classes will leave you energized and calm, confident, and will improve the strength and flexibility of your body… and mind in a warm and community atmosphere.


The sessions follow a carefully designed sequence : entering the practice, warming up the body, postures and counter postures, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation. A session can concentrate on a posture, a part of the body or a particular theme.

I teach a breath-centric yoga that makes movements more mindful.

During practice, the breath is linked to movement of the spine, and we move in and out of a posture before holding it for some time. Attention supports are used to calm the mind and help you stay focused.

Conviviality, cosiness, community

Classes are always taking place in kindness and harmony.

I serve tea after each class, so we can gather and exchange.

Please contact me for details

+352 661 26 93 76

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